Precision Electron Gun (PGUN)

Dymenso provides electrical, thermal and mechanical analysis, mechanical design and fabrication services of high performance electron guns.

Dymenso line of precision electron guns provide superior performance by utilizing the patented PGUN technology which provides very high assembly precision by using sets of kinematic couplings to postion the beam forming gun elements. Typical electron gun assembly techniques require clearance between parts to allow for assembly, which inherently limits the achievable precision of the fabrication process. The PGUN technology eliminates the clearance requirement between mating parts by the use of deterministic interfaces provided by kinematic couplings. These interfaces make contact at a number of points equal to the number of degrees of freedom that are to be restrained and therefore require no assembly clearances. This innovative technology development was supported by a recent DOE SBIR Phase II grant.

Electron gun thermal evaluation and verification in vacuum test chamber station.


Quality and electron beam performance are ensured by comprehensive CMM inspection and manual verification of the electron gun during the fabrication process.